NOW IT IS POSSIBLE TO BOOST INDUSTRIAL & URBAN BEEKEEPING BECOME MORE COMFORTABLE, PRODUCTIVE & AT THE SAME TIME, MORE SUSTAINABLE, THANKS TO THIS NEW PATENTED TECHNOLOGY. Our Nonstick To Propolis Technologies are different models of solutions to complement  artificial beehives. They will protect the frame corners and make it very easy to handle them. They also contribute by taking better care of the bee  since the beehive will remain disassembled or open less time  in each inspection or extraction of honey. So, some ADVANTAGES & BENEFITS are:

  • Spend less time on the beekeeping tasks and save hours of work from day one.

  • The bees are happier and less affected by inspection or removal of frames. Your beehive will be open for less time.

  • Improves overall maintenance and extends the lifespan of your hive and frames.

  • Does not in any way change or affect the current management and control system.

  • Compatible with most frames and hives. Can be used with wood, plastic and polystyrene.

  • It’s easy to implement without modification to the hive or frames, removable and reusable for many years.

  • Same material used for baby pacifiers.





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We want to make these tasks a little easier for you...



Sometimes the frames stay stuck to wood, plastic, metal and even crystal or glass.

Why this happens inside the beehive...



As you know, propolis is a resin substance produced by bees to seal, fix or maintain the hygiene of the beehive. If they find holes or slots, usually will try to refill them. Like cement in a house, it is a strong glue. However, we are reusing the propolis for personal health uses.












Depending on humidity, vegetation density, geography, etc. bees will put more or less  in an artificial beehive, even in Urban Beekeeping. But if you prepare their houses with holes or slits they will make much more ;-)

We have been using  metal runners, spacers or plastic ends inside of  beehives for a long time, and  now we have a Non-Stick and Eco-Friendly solution to try as an alternative market. In any case, propolis is a good and multipurpose product, but whether we want to reuse this quality substance or simply to handle the frames more easily and with less disturbance, this offers a more practical way to do it.

Some Solutions and Models...

Sample Concept

This is a graphic example of how to use them in a Dadant beehive but every beekeeper can choose their ideal combination, it will depend on the propolis that your bees usually put inside or simply a matter of personal preference.

If you are a master beekeeper,  try them and find the perfect combination out yourself!

The Raw Material

HolycomB’s commitment to beekeeping is to make use of all

innovations in Food Grade Silicone. This means that, although

the prices are higher than other standard ones,

it’s a very high quality silicone, ensuring the

health and wellbeing of the bees. It’s the same silicone

used for baking and in baby’s pacifiers or nipples

on baby bottles. It is NON-TOXIC and more

ECO-FRIENDLY than other materials used

inside the hive.


It will not warp or become deformed and can

withstand extreme temperature changes. It is very

durable and can last well over 10 years with proper and

normal use. It will not corrode and can with stand Oxalic Acid

and other chemicals used to care for the hive.

The design and materials used make it absolutely NON-STICK for propolis and other substances from the hive. You can confirm this right now at home with any kitchen utensil you have that is made of Food Grade Silicone. Try to stick something to the surface with the strongest glue you know of, or heat a little propolis and rub it on with your finger; immediately, you’ll see that it will even stick to glass, but not to our material.

“HolycomB thinks of the beekeeper and speaks with the bees”

Nonstick to Propolis Home Test

Before & Now Examples...

Honey Box or
Brood Chamber
with 10 frames
1/2 Honey Super
with 8 frames

How Much...

It is a small investment, very affordable. For only 1 kg of honey, you will be able to equip a beehive. It depends on how many beehives you want to change, but in each one you will get additional profit from day one...

How Much...

It is a small investment, very affordable. For only 1 kg of honey, you will be able to equip a beehive. It depends on how many beehives you want to change, but in each one you will get additional profit from day one...

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